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Mahatma Gandhi

Tailteann IconThe Tailteann Games Brand

When the firm's management team re-created one of Ireland's great symbols, they were wholly aware of the huge responsibility they undertook. The company's members take immense pride in their work, which allows their brand to emit tangible values that were at the heart of the original Games. Therefore, Tailteann Games ltd. has developed a trademark that represents a certain culture: an indigenous, ancestral culture of saints and scholars, of fearlessness, drama and majesty.

The game design firm's high-tech logo depicts the re-emergence of the Tailteann Games, with the dynamic illuminative light resurrecting the 'Ogham Stone Monument' styled font from the dark. Furthermore, in all of their artistic journeys to date, Tailteann Games' programmers and designers created a complex network of paths that were crafted to show the game-player all possible facets of a single truth. Such games can be likened to a jewel and their ability to refract light in many different directions. Because of such, Tailteann Games chose a diamond as its emblem, as it truly symbolises the company's art.

When producing their flagship product, Bainisteoir - Hurling, Tailteann Games had a strong desire to breakaway from the conventional treatment of intellectually barren sports games. With such in mind, Bainisteoir - Hurling, a sports game of subtlety and depth, was developed to exercise both the public's cognitive skills and their intuition, feeling it was for others to treat sport with a batter and bruise approach.

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